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Saturday mornin' Dark Souls

2014-02-26 06:20:37 by veselekov

Hey NGers

I made this cartoon and recorded on a VHS tape. I rate it an Oh/Yeah




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2014-02-26 10:34:22

What did you use to get the RCA connections into your computer? I've got tons of stuff on Hi8 and UMatic 3/4", just wondering what's a good adapter.

Looks great, hope it takes off!

veselekov responds:

I used a half broken EasyCAP. haha it was a pain in the ass toget working.


2014-02-27 01:16:45

Ookay, guess I won't be using that then. When I was growing up, this company was the shit for converting A to D, dunno if that's true anymore.

Hopefully your EasyCap (oh my, what shitty reviews!) will see you though all of the Dark Souls productions! Nothing worse than having to change the look of things halfway through :\


2014-02-27 19:35:03

Welp, I just read this AFTER I saw the video... in the review I said I "liked the filter you put on it"... but now I know you actually recorded it with the real deal. Now THAT'S hardcore.