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This weeks fortnightly video?

2013-04-08 04:41:19 by veselekov

So I'm not sure how Newgrounds would feel about this, It has animation in it, but it has more video live action stuff. let me know.
(mite be still uploading)
I was really sick. But I had to get this outta the way to get to work on my Pico Day flash.

Working on the swf. i could preserve the native format so it should be alot smaller than 10mb

This weeks fortnightly video?


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2013-04-08 08:40:29

About the video: Well, the on (computer) screen bit was fine, but got a bit dragged out about 2/3rds of the way through. Maybe there could be an in screen, webcam of the guy speaking (with a low and sketchy frame rate of course :) The segment at the copier could be condensed (chop everything said after 'This is Borderlands 2' right up to the paper squish, then cut to the next scene... Everything else is spot on; great production and script!

Pruning, it's not about what you cut, it's about what you don't cut -- Hank Hill, Beavis and Butthead

veselekov responds:

I really like that quote. "its what you don't cut"

I kinda wanted to put the paper squish in there to give the feeling of low quality/budget production.


2013-04-08 09:58:35

Music by Sexual Lobster? :O That was fun.

veselekov responds:

Donut Quest!


2013-04-08 12:33:01

that video was awesome

veselekov responds:

Your art is awesome :D


2013-04-09 01:07:37

That's one sided

veselekov responds: