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2013-03-06 01:41:52 by veselekov

2 new animations. Not on NG yet. (for other reasons)
1 is about Darksouls
1 is about the harlem shake (too short for NG hur hur)

Darksouls one is not on NG yet because I am gonna try to get it into its native flash format. Also I am gonna add something to the end so its not "TOO SHORT FOR NEWGROUNDSSZZZ 0/5" faggotory.
Probably gonna come out ... next week? Lets just hope its not as long as bethseedas PS3 port of the skyrim DLC.

So yeah! Thats what I made this week!



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2013-03-06 02:27:30

I can attest to it's accuracy, as I myself am a gravelord. 100%, 10/10, this is a successed.


2013-03-13 14:43:27

Harlem shake is so dumb, I'm glad someone finally rebelled against the idiocy. Thank you veselekov!

veselekov responds:

I cringed when I saw the Simpsons had made one. Its just another stupid forced meme trying to be 'this years gangam style'.