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We flooding now.

2013-01-29 18:39:03 by veselekov

(Picture from local newspaper)

The place I'm living at is flooding.

no animation til next week. :,<

We flooding now.


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2013-01-29 18:48:37

Don't worry Mister Queenslander, everything will return to normal in time :)


2013-01-29 18:48:38

Don't worry Mister Queenslander, everything will return to normal in time :)


2013-01-29 19:25:24

No excuses, landlubber!


2013-01-29 20:33:19

Dunno what part of the world I'm looking at, but as a survivor of Sandy, you have my condolences.
Hope you don't lose power or... everything :| At least it doesn't look windy.

veselekov responds:

One of my friends went through sandy too. I lost internet and power for a bit. Seems to all be okay now. We have weird weather, its flooding 1 day and then 48C (118.40ºF)the next.


2013-01-29 21:39:59

Holy shit, Vicarious. You SURVIVED something. I am just shitting my pants at the relevance of that. Welcome to the human race.
Good on you, veselkov. Hop in a cooler and ride that out.


2013-01-29 23:01:42

Screw the animation, just keep your head above the water Tali!


2013-01-30 09:33:43

lol you survived THIS and still talking about delaying animation?

veselekov responds:

I am devoted! I made a promise to get lots of stuff out this year!


2013-01-30 10:16:02

so how is living in treehouse going?

veselekov responds:

Pretty good. Lots of space.