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This weeks bi-weekly animation!

2013-01-11 22:05:00 by veselekov

Is on YouTube as well!

Here it is!

Vote honestly please!

Anyway how has everyone been? Sorry I've been close to dead for about a month.

I've got 2 more animations almost done for next week as well! lets just say my Fus is ready. (WARNING ORIGINAL SKYRIM PARODY NOT ABOUT SHOUTING, GAURDS, KNEES etc etc XD LOL LEMEMFACE)

I am working on a video about an eCelebrity because that seems to be the flavor of the month. BUT WHOO?? All shall be revealed.

I am doing something for the australia day collab.

Other than that you can keep in touch with me by messaging me here on NG! or send me a message on Youtube!

This weeks bi-weekly animation!


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