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Bi Weekly Animation!

2012-12-07 00:12:59 by veselekov

Hey guys check out this weeks bi weekly animation. (weekly bi-weekly, Logic paradox) ated=1

I am aiming to get something out every 2 weeks with increasingly better art and animation until I get to the point where i can just make unscripted videos of me yelling into a mic and playing video games with my friend... I mean make 'better' content. :<>

Also here is something I am working on for a secret collab.

Bi Weekly Animation!


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2012-12-07 00:25:37

"Huh, the link is dark orange, but this is the first time I've clicked on this newspost... Is he linki-- *hover the cursor* Ah. Clever girl."


2012-12-07 01:44:42

\/ Ploy worked on me as well, but I wouldn't click the longer link. He hasn't written or submitted anything to NG in over a year. I saw 2 or 3 of his vids, and I just cannot find the humor in them.

(Updated ) veselekov responds:

Oh, Yes no I see. Yeah GameGrumps isn't funny. They are both better writers than stand up comics. The shit thing is that because they get so much cash for doing close to nothing it doesn't look like they are gonna make anything new anytime soon. e.g. Last JonTron was 2 months ago. Egoraptors last actual animation was 4 months ago. And whats worse is Chris O'Neil wants to start one of these. :/ So I guess cross him off..


2012-12-08 13:58:05

By looking at your animations, I can see that you focus more one the art and plot then actual movement.

But the tweens you use seem smooth and natural.
I can tell that you'll surpass all of your own expectations, and surprise yourself one day.

(Ps. I can't wait to see what Kaiba is gonna do in your collab submission.)